Dive! Dive! Dive!

Diving from the Triple DiveCaptain Robin Eubanks is looking forward to booking your next underwater adventure on his boat, the Triple Dive. Robin has helped bring memories of a lifetime to scores of individuals visitiing the Florida Keys to see what makes it so special: A living coral reef right here in the United States. Too often visitors miss the very thing that makes the Keys different from every other wilderness in North America: The water. The lustral blue water is surreal and perfectly clear. There is simply no other coastal water in the U.S. that comes close to looking like it, and we haven't even discussed the vast numbers of brightly colored tropical fish and corals that live here.

The Boat

The Triple Dive is a new 33-foot Century center console boat, with a roomy 11-foot beam, floating on a four foot draft. The boat's twin Yamaha 250 HP outboard motors are capable of quickly transporting your party of up to 6Diving from the Triple Dive to any of our dive destinations. The boat is safe, clean, and modern. We value your patronage as an exclusive, private adventure. Other private craft are starting to show their age. Still other tours cram huge parties onto the deck. Triple Dive Adventures affords you and your small group full attention to detail, with up to three different dive opportunities in a single day.