Certifications offered for SCUBA

Learn to SCUBA dive in one day. Get a training course with a certified trainer and divemaster and go underwater with them in one day. Get trained and go diving THAT DAY! Do something new and exciting while you're in the Florida Keys and remember it for the rest of your life. Once certified, dive worldwide and open up a new world for yourself and your loved ones. Don't forget that certification makes a great gift, and tripledive.com is ready for one dive learn and dive sessions. Great for kids and spouses!

We certify and refresh at the same time.

Just right for those who wish to dive again - and ask a friend to join them. A couple of hours in a pool and they're ready to dive like a pro. The divemaster accompanies them on their new adventure and logs the dive as an official first dive. What a great opportunity it is to dive with a friend. So grab a friend, get certified and come on! Join the underwater adventures that you've always wanted to experience. We're waiting!