Combo Dives: The best of both worlds

With three dives in one day, and up to six in just two days, you can choose SCUBA tanks, snorkels or both. If there are certified divers in your group, they can dive while others snorkel. If there are adventurous members of your group, they can get certified while those less adventurous might just snorkel. Combo dive trips are the way to go if you have a mixed group that wants to see the underwater sights. Combo dives are available for all of our trips - including Looe Key Reef SCUBA or snorkel dives, the Dry Tortugas SCUBA or snorkel dives, the Marquesas Keys SCUBA and snorkel dives and both wreck dives. We are one of the only combo dive trips in the Keys.

SCUBA Dives and Snorkel Dives

Combo dives are the best way for groups of divers with varying abilities and skills to go out at the same time and experience similar adventures. Imagine letting part of your party SCUBA dive while the other part snorkels, enjoys the peace of the boat or tours the Dry Tortugas, Fort Jefferson or the surrounding areas. This lets families tour, trip and dive together while maximizing their individual levels. Certifications are a must when diving, and training is available. Why not get members of your group certified while others get a refresher? Give the kids an adventure to beat all adventures! It's possible on the Dive! Dive! Dive!