Reef Tours: See the world differently

Enjoy a full day on the Looe Key Reef. Get a tour from an experienced reefer while you dive once, twice or three times with SCUBA tanks or snorkel gear in an incredible area teeming with underwater life. The fantastic life visible only on the Looe Key Reef makes this one of the premier dive and snorkel locations in the world, attracting international visitors from around the world. Full explanations of what you see underwater accompany your tour information and your guide stays with your group the whole time. Remember that the Looe Key Reef rests in only fifteen or twenty feet of water and is fully enjoyable and easily snorkeled.

Dive the Looe Key Reef

Looe Key Reef is one of the most beautiful, most ecologically diverse reefs in the Florida Keys. If you're planning to dive anywhere in the Florida Keys, the Looe Key Reef is a must. It's easy, small enough to explore fully, accessible through snorkel or SCUBA apparatus and is only 15 or 20 feet deep at the most. It is roughly 200 yards wide and 800 yards long, and is "U" shaped. Looe Key Reef has representative members of both patch and outside reefs, which is unique. Looe Key Reef is a representation of the entire Keys reef ecosystem, in one protected place. Many world class divers think Looe Key Reef is the most beautiful reef in the United States. Come see why!