Refresher classes for SCUBA

While your friends are learning to SCUBA, hop in the water with them and get a quick refresher course! Don't feel confident about your current dive skills? Been awhile since you've been to the deep? Our refresher courses will have you confident and able in no time. If you're refreshing your skills, ask someone to join you for their certification! You can do both at the same time, go diving that day and talk about it for the rest of your lives! Truly a unique experience, everyone should go diving at least once!

We certify and refresh at the same time.

Just right for those who wish to dive again - and ask a friend to join them. A couple of hours in a pool and they're ready to dive like a pro again. The divemaster accompanies both of you on your new adventure and logs the dive as an official dive. What a great opportunity it is to dive with a friend. So grab a friend, get them certified, renew your skills and come on! Join the underwater adventures that you've always wanted to experience. We're waiting!