Wreck Tours: See the past on the ocean floor

We leave the dock and head straight for the wrecks of the Vandenberg or the Adolphus Busch. Strap on tanks and get ready to be amazed! Both shipwrecks are world-class dive destinations. Clear enough to photograph, you'll enjoy swimming in and around the the areas of the wrecks while observing the ocean life of coral and tropical fish. Imagine telling your friends how you dove a wreck in the Florida Keys, surviving depths of up to 120 feet and telling tales of swimming in and out of sunken ships on the ocean floor! All tanks and necessities included in this spectacular dive to the depths of the clear ocean.

About the wreck dives...

The Adolphus Busch and the Vandenberg were both sunk as artificial reefs - to protect the life and stability of our oceans. Because of pollution and other environmental factors, the natural reefs are disappearing. These ships were sunk to give a home to the once abundant life. As you can see when diving, it's working. Come dive a growing and living artificial reef. See why in the Florida Keys, the Vandenberg and the Adolphus Busch have been chosen as premier wrecks to SCUBA. Don't forget, with Dive! Dive! Dive!, you'll ride to the wrecks in luxury and privacy - with restroom facilities, a cabin and (just in case) a sleeping area.